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Calm dog

Calm Dog was formulated to help dogs who are generally anxious or fearful or who have difficulty coping with stressful situations. It has been used successfully to help dogs who suffer from travel anxiety, dogs who are scared of thunder storms etc. and dogs who display nervous behaviour when out of their familiar environment such as at shows.

Calm Dog is not a sedative. It is designed to alleviate stress by increasing feelings of well being and

relaxation. It will not cause a dog to become drowsy or alter its personality. It will simply help the dog to be better able to cope in a potentially stressful situation.  

It takes about a day for the Calm Dog to start taking effect and you should always give a 7-10 day

break every month. 


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Problem   Area

How do we address this?

Why it works?

Any potentially stressful situation. i.e.thunderstorms; separation anxiety; training.

  • 5-HTP
  • Chamomile
  • Passiflora
  • Thiamine

All these ingredients work in different ways on decreasing anxiety and increasing feelings of well being and relaxation.

Stomach complaints as a result of stress   i.e. gastric ulcers

  • Fenugreek
  • Brewers Yeast              
  • (B vitamins)
  • Thiamine

These ingredients help to improve   digestion and gastric health.