Naturally the Best


A blend of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Formulated to build, maintain and aid muscle recovery. Boosts vitality and ensures a stable electrolyte balance during and after exercise in athletes.

After numerous requests from athletic pet owners to develop a supplement for them, we looked into the possibility of developing a product on the same principle as our Active Horse, which has for years been so successful in the sport horse industry.

So, the first step was to find the perfect blend of electrolytes and minerals to help the muscles during exercise, ensuring the optimal level of performance and reducing the effect of fatigue on the muscles. Amino acids, vitamins and herbs were then added to ensure the body has all the tools and building blocks to build, repair and maintain the body.

We were looking for a supplement that could do it all, in a healthy natural manner,

ensuring a strong skeletal structure including the ligaments and tendons muscles, that worked optimally under stress decreasing the incidence of cramping and exercise related injuries general health and wellbeing of the person.

With RevitaPro we now can offer you that Holy Grail of supplements, this product will maintain and strengthen your body decreasing chances of injury, aid with post exercise recovery and maintain overall health allowing you that edge to go that little bit further.