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Supreme Horse


Supreme Horse can be used as a general health supplement for horses who might just need to improve their overall condition slightly.

It can be thought of as a health tonic for horses. It is designed to help a horse put on and maintain weight and to improve the condition of the coat and the skin. Out of all the supplements Supreme Horse takes the longest to show results. A horse needs to be on the supplement for at least 8 weeks before any benefit will be seen.


It is of particular use to people who show or dressage their horses. This supplement helps to keep horses looking shiny and healthy but without the heating effects of feeding to much food.


Due to the Vitamin E content this product cannot be used on horses that are on anticoagulants.



Why it Works

Poor coat and skin condition


Essential Amino Acids

Brewer's Yeast

These ingredients work on the skin and hair to improve their condition. Brewer's Yeast helps with shedding.

Poor weight


Essential Amino Acids

Full Fat Soya 

These ingredients improve the digestive health of the horse and help with absorption of nutrients from the food

Cellular health

Vitamin   E

Choline Bitartrate 


These ingredients help to keep the horse healthy on the cellular level.

Rundown horse

All the above.

All the ingredients in Supreme Horse will

help a horse that may simply be run down, such as after a heavy show season or a slight

illness, to recover.